In order to set up a pin, you must enable mobile device. To do this, press the "on/off" and hold it for some time pressed.
When the mobile device is ready to operate, go to its menu. To do this, click on the choose button, which is located above the key call.
In the submenu select "settings". To do this, hover over the folder and click the select button.
Once the folder "settings" opens, you will see a list of functions of the mobile device. You need to find "security". Open the folder with the button "choose".
In the folder "security" you should see a list of all possible functions. These settings provide protection for mobile devices. You will have to find the link "verify pin". Hover over this link. Click on the "choose" button to change the settings and enable "check pin code". Once a new window opens, select from the options "enabled". To do this, click on the button "choose".
The phone should open a new window where you will need to enter the pin code for your SIM card. This pin code will be requested each time you turn on your mobile device.
After entering pin-code press "Yes". To do this, press "select". Now when you turn on your mobile device with this SIM card, the phone will request the pin code.