What is the vestibular apparatus?

The vestibular apparatus is the organ that helps to navigate in space and to keep the balance is part of the inner ear. By changing the position of the body and head in space, as well as provisions in the vestibular apparatus receives signals of two types: dynamic and static, respectively.

Exercises for workout

When the need arises, training of the vestibular apparatus is necessary to perform daily complex specially designed exercises.

The first type of exercise improves eye coordination:

1. The exercise is performed sitting or standing. To follow only with the eyes the movements of the index finger outstretched hands in front of him;
2. Turn head and eyes right to left and back;
3. When reading a book or magazine from time to time it is necessary to look away and slowly shaking his head as if to say "no."

Each exercise was performed 10 times.

The second type of exercises is aimed at training dynamic equilibrium:

1. When you walk turn your head and look to right and to left;
2. To go open, then with eyes closed alternately;
3. To go from one wall to another in a confined space.

The last type of exercise on the development of static equilibrium. They run on the steps:

1. To walk up the stairs, stepping on each with both feet alternately;
2. When one leg on the step, close my eyes and try to balance for 15 seconds;
3. To become on your toes and turn your head from right to left and Vice versa.

Any exercises to balance training should be performed at least twenty minutes. A person must feel when they are executed within reasonable load, they should not be wanting, and if so, then they are wrong.

The office staff is quite suitable exercises on the chairs that rotate. They can be done at any spare time without leaving your place.

1. Scroll down for 3 times, once to fix the gaze on a small moving object;
2. Making 3 turns in one direction, repeat in the other.

In the training of the vestibular apparatus well help yoga, in particular, headstand, and various specific Mahi head, accompanied by deep breathing.

With a focused and prolonged repetition of these exercises, you can achieve good results, ie to train your vestibular system and proud to move forward.