You will need
  • the scheme for embroidery;
  • - thread and needle;
  • - a box of selected size.
Having decided to try to embroider icons , a cross, be sure to visit the Church and get a blessing. To do this go to the priest, folding his hands together. The right hand should lie on top of the left. Say what you want to embroider icons and ask permission to do so. The priest will bless you, putting his hand to you on outstretched hands. Kiss her in gratitude and acceptance of the blessing.
Choose a stitch pattern. It is advisable before you show it to the priest to see whether it is canonical, and will then illuminate. If you are not able to attend the temple frequently, purchase a special book with images of icons by yourself and compare them with the purchased schemes.
Try to choose the scheme in which the face is printed on fabric, and it does not need to draw. This will facilitate your work and will allow us to accurately write the smallest details without any distortion.
During work do not drink alcohol and never swear. It is best to start fast. The ideal time for embroidery icons are considered Orthodox positions. Embroidering, try to think only good thoughts. Icons made by hand, comes a completely different energy, because during the work you put into them a piece of his soul.
Do not embroider in religious holidays, as these days it is customary to turn to God and read spiritual literature, and not work for pleasure. The girls during menstrual cycle better to abandon the embroidery. The fact that in the critical days, from the ecclesiastical point of view, the woman is considered "unclean," and she must not go into the temple and touch anything Holy.
Insert an image in a frame and take it to the Church for the consecration. After that, it will be possible to deliver to the rest of the icons and pray.