As a pensioner can get his pension

A pension is possible in several ways. First, the person can receive a pension through the home delivery postman in the established payment date. If this day for some reason, the pensioner was missing home, he may then come for a pension in the post office. Lost in time the pension is transferred to the next month. The second method of obtaining a pension for her transfer to a Bank card of the pensioner. Also, the pension can be credited to the person on his current or Deposit account. In any case, to change the method of delivery of pension must notify the pension Fund. In addition, the applicant must annually confirm to the pension Fund and the fact of its registration at the relevant address.

If the pensioner is put in hospital

In a situation when a person for a long time in the hospital at the hospital, it can give power of attorney to receive a pension. It must contain the following details:
- the name of the document ("power of attorney"), date and place of its execution;
- information about the principal and the representative, indicating their origin and passport data;
- the contents of the credentials of the representative of the receipt of pensions (the place the amount right signature on the settlement documents, etc.);
- validity of power of attorney;
- signature of the principal;
- the specimen signature of the representative.

Power of attorney executed in writing, certified by the chief doctor of the hospital, which is retired, and seal of the medical institution. When you receive a pension representative will also need to have a document proving his identity.

You should pay attention to what legislation the minimum and maximum periods of validity of power of attorney is not limited. However, if this props in a power of attorney is not specified, then it is valid for 1 year from the date of its registration. After discharge from the hospital, the Trustee has the right to prematurely revoke the power of attorney. The representative also may at any time opt-out from receiving pension. In this case, you must execute a new power of attorney, but to another person.

If a person receives a pension on a Bank card, you can pass it on to the next of kin or other authorized persons, saying the pin. In this way it is possible to withdraw money via ATM. If a pension should be obtained directly from the banking institution, without issuing a power of attorney is still not enough.