You will need
  • - passport;
  • - power of attorney;
  • - the statement in the Pension Fund (if you want to retire at a different address).
To receive a pension for the beneficiary, contact the notary office at the place of residence of the person for whom you want to receive a pension. Present your passport and the passport of the principal. All participants and passes the credentials and host are required to attend in person.
You can issue a power of attorney for a certain period, for example one, two or a few months, and specify in the document that the power of attorney is issued only for a pension. Such a document will not allow for additional actions, as the power of attorney is special, i.e. it can receive a pension only a certain number of months, and it will not allow for the trusting other legal actions.
If you want to retire only once per month, make a one-time authorization. After a single obtain funds you won't be able to use it.
For the systematic receipt of a pension and otherwise act for his principal execute the power of attorney. The document is valid for three years and allows you to not only retire, but also to make all the actions of his principal. After three years you need to renew the power of attorney.
To obtain a pension for his client by any kind of power of attorney, contact the post office at the place of residence of the principal. Present your passport and the original power of attorney.
If you want to retire brought to you, please contact with the power of attorney and passport to the Federal Pension Fund. Write an application for transfer of a pension to your address. You will be able to get her home or to go for a pension in their post office.