If you are not yet a holder of a Bank card, you will first study the offers of the banks. Most financial institutions offer the payment plans is very beneficial for senior citizens. For example, social debit card or a savings and pension. Depending on the tariff plan you will earn monthly interest, or be granted a variety of discounts on the purchase of goods or payment of services.
To arrange a Bank card, contact the passport and the pension certificate to the Bank and write a statement. A Bank employee will make all the necessary operations for its execution and attaching to it the account will give you username, password, the card and the details required to be credited to her cash.
With these documents, as well as a passport and a pension certificate, contact the pension Fund at the place of residence. To the head in the form of the write statement in duplicate indicating the details of the Bank and account number to which you want to transfer a pension. A copy of the application keep, having asked the specialist to make a mark that documents from you taken, date, signature and stamp of the organization. This will ensure that your application will not get lost, and the pension you will be timely transferred to the card. In addition, if necessary, attach to the application a copy of the Bank transfer and your account number.
If you asked the pension Fund a statement on the transfer of pensions on a Bank card for a few days before the accrual of pension, it is likely you will receive it in legacy mode (in the savings Bank or through the post office). But next month pension, you will have transferred to the card.