The image on the screen is created from individual dots that shimmer and glow. In addition, flicker and fluorescent lights that are installed in offices. So no surprise as to why watery and sore eyes, or, conversely, suffer from a lack of tear fluid.

This phenomenon is called "effect of dry eye. It affects more than half of those who work at the computer. What to do when eyes hurt? You need to regularly visit the eye doctor to take vitamins for the eyes and to observe some rules, developed by SAN Ping.

In order to preserve vision in such conditions, a special hygienic requirements for the organization of work at the computer:

  • The sunlight should fall on the monitor on the right;
  • The lamp should not dazzle the eye or reflected in the computer monitor.
  • From the eyes to the monitor should be 50 - 70cm.
  • The monitor should be 10 cm below eye level. 5. Regularly clean the monitor from dust.
  • Try to rarely use laptops. Desktop computers are more comfortable for the eyes.
  • Do not read from the screen of the tablet or laptop.
  • Use during prolonged work at the computer special computer glasses.
  • Take breaks in the work through every 45 minutes.
  • The break should last 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Take care with contact lenses.
  • Don't forget to blink more often when working at the computer. You can stick the sticker on the monitor, where in large letters is written this rule.
  • Use special computer programs that remind you to take a break at work. They are called: "Guardian eyes" and "Prevention of visual fatigue."