When a baby is born, curious parents rush to consider all the details, to know what are the eyes of their child. But the fact is that virtually all children are born with pale, often blue eyes, due to the small amount of pigment in the iris. Uninformed parents whose eyes are, for example, Kari and my mom and dad, this can lead to confusion. You need to understand that with time, the pigmentation will be filled, and the child's eyes will be just what genes he handed over to his parents.
Most often, the color of the iris of the eyeball is changing in the first 6 months after birth, more rarely it takes place during two to three years. To see whether the color of the eyes of the kid others looked carefully into the shell: if you notice small dark specks, then over time the color of the eyes will darken.
Of course, if both parents have light eyes, the baby will also inherit that color. A controversial issue in that case, if mom and dad two different colored eyes, one, for example, blue and the other brown. The dark pigment is the stronger gene, but this does not mean that the child will have dark eyes. Matter what eyes were at the grandparents and what genes the baby had passed more.
The eyeball has several shells. The top layer is the transparent cornea, for it is the choroid, which is in front of the eye the iris presented. Inside the iris contains the pigment melanin. Depth dark color depends on the amount of this pigment. The more cells, the darker the eyes. People who have darker eye color on the planet more than those who have blue or light grey eyes. This is because genes are dominate characteristics, responsible for a large amount of melanin.
The genes that the child inherited from parents, affect absolutely all the details and nuances: the color of the eyes, and when they will get the final color. A small percentage of people changes eye color are observed at adult age. For example, brown eyes look lighter, and the black acquires a greenish tint. People with blue eyes often observe, their eye color becomes brighter with age.
As soon as the child is born, it is very difficult to draw a conclusion about what still it will have eyes. But it will take some time, and parents will be able to understand what color eyes their baby will look at this world.