Eyes-"chameleons": the causes of the phenomenon

Eye color depends on the amount of melanin present in the iris. The amount is determined by heredity. When a large content of the eyes will be dark with a small light. The albinos this substance is completely absent, their eyes become transparent. Scientists have found that in the iris-"chameleons" in addition to melanin contains natural coloring pigment. It can be of three types: turquoise, gray-green, gray-blue. This phenomenon refers to the individual characteristics of a person, such as hair color. Its nature is still not fully understood.
A certain eye color of the child, there only three years.

There are times when the eyes change color from any disease, in such cases the iris becomes yellow. You should also be wary if a person's eyes always had a single color and in a short period much it changed. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

How to change eye color-"chameleon"

Eye color-"chameleon" may vary from the color of the environment, time of day, brightness of illumination, circumstances, state of health and even the mood of the person. Changes can occur several times a day, the color changes simultaneously in both eyes. In most cases, eyes-chameleons change their tint from lighter to darker within the same hue. For example, in cloudy weather they will be gray-blue, with a clear bright blue , while neutral - blue-transparent.

It is believed that the owners of the eyes-"chameleons" have a changeable nature, they are disorganized and indecisive. However, they easily adapt to life difficulties and are able to survive in the most improbable circumstances. Such people tend not to be seen, but, nevertheless, will go in the right direction.
People having eyes-"chameleons", is not endowed with some special properties despite the fact that many believe these people psychic.

Makeup for eyes-"chameleon"

The girls having eyes-"chameleons", it is usually difficult to choose the right makeup. In this case, it is recommended to use the most soft, light colors eye shadow which will emphasize the unusual appearance and will draw attention to beautiful eyes. If the iris color is dominated by gray shades, you can use the darker shades ("steel", "graphite") with a greenish tint in makeup should prevail fall colors (copper, yellow, red), you can add the color "cocoa", "chocolate". It is not necessary to choose bright colors, most often they are not suitable even for those who have eyes have permanent color.