Laparoscopy is divided into therapeutic and diagnostic. When the diagnostic operation is made by visual inspection of the organs using additional arm. The doctor, conducting diagnostic laparoscopy may be transferred immediately to the treatment of a disease. While surgical intervention may remove adhesions, fibroids, endometrial changed.
Before operation it is necessary to prepare a complete examination. The doctor will prescribe the study of the General analysis of blood and urine. Also should undergo lung x-rays, cardiographic study of the heart, ultrasound of the heart muscle, internal organs of small pelvis and abdominal cavity. Required inspection at the therapist. Immediately before surgery you should refrain from eating.
Conducted preoperative preparation and patient are special medications that enhance the action of anesthesia. After some time, introduced the drug of the anesthesia. Sometimes you can use a local anesthesia, this question is solved individually. The woman treated the stomach with a special antiseptic solution, through a small puncture in the navel area is introduced a needle through which gas is introduced into the abdominal cavity. The belly inflates, the abdominal wall is lifted and the practitioner will have access to the internal organs.
Then, through the second puncture, the doctor inserts into the abdominal cavity a laparoscope which is a small microscope with a camera on the end. The image is reflected on a special monitor, where the doctor can observe the internal organs of the patient. The third incision is for insertion of the manipulator, it helps to push the internal organs and, if necessary, to remove abnormal growths.
The operation lasts on average for about 40 minutes. At the end of the abdomen and remove all trocars with instruments, suture punctures. It is possible to get up a few hours after the laparoscopy. The next day, the patient is recommended to eat fractionally and move more in order to recover faster. Some discomfort after surgery is associated with the presence of gas in the abdominal cavity, which is gradually disappearing. Rehabilitation usually proceeds without complications, is relatively easy. Sutures are removed on the 7-9 day after the laparoscopy.