Gnats is nothing like Drosophila. There are fruit flies, excavation, home and many other varieties of these creatures, whose name in most cases associated with the fact that they eat. They are often seen in the fresh products in the drain or leftover food. Many Housewives wonder where are the gnats. They appear not only rotten, but also on fresh products, even if they are grown in their own garden. In fact, there is a rather simple explanation. Fruit flies lay their eggs on the food. These eggs are very resistant. And all they need for further development is appropriate conditions. At room temperature there is a phase of development of the midges. So, if you want to avoid those pesky "neighbors", then keep the food in the refrigerator, and before serving, rinse in warm water. Gnats can be a dangerous creation, from which will be sure to get rid of. First, they are responsible for spoilage. Second, like all flies, they are carriers of various infections.You should probably start looking for the source of midges. Carefully check all tables where food is stored. Look in the drain, as very often there is accumulated food debris, which create ideal conditions for the supply of midges. Sometimes they can be seen on plants and flowers which are kept in the house for quite some time and began to deteriorate. And another very important point — get rid of all the tainted products, as the processes of decay are the ideal conditions for the development of Drosophila. In order to get rid of lice, remove all products, shrivelled flowers and plants that are the sources of Intrusive flies. Now your house is left only those members of the family who had not managed to leave the rendered habitable dwelling place. Order went missing and they prepare a bait. On the bottom of a glass jar, put a little jam or a piece of fruit. Now make a funnel of plain paper, cut on the end of the hole. All the gnats will fly into the jar through the hole, but to fly. This way you will be able to get rid of lice.