You will need
  • - aerosols;
  • - fumigators;
  • - bait.
If you don't spend the sort of available food, they may receive rot is the most favorable environment for breeding of flies. So the first thing you need to do to sort out all the vegetables, fruits, to throw out rotten foods, to make and thoroughly rinse the bin.
In the presence of a basement guide sorting vegetables in it. Gnats can breed in the basement, and happily fly into the kitchen where you see them.
Sort treat the basement and the kitchen with aerosols designed to kill flying insects. All the remaining fruits and vegetables thoroughly wash, dry, fold in a clean canvas bag. If the kitchen or the basement is very damp, will dry the walls with a heat fan. This will help prevent the reappearance of lice.
Instead of a special aerosol can set the fumigator liquid designed to destroy the flying insects. Within 1-2 hours, all living in the apartment gnats will die.
Carefully inspect all available in the apartment flower pots. Gnats do egg-laying primarily in the soil in which planted flowers. To destroy the lice and its eggs will help you with special chemicals that you can buy in the store for gardeners or transplant flowers in steamed soil. All other methods do not bring the desired result. To prevent contamination of ground-laying midges water the flowers slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, 2 times a month.
Another way that will help you to destroy or reduce the population of flies is the use of baits with sweet fruit. For the manufacture of bait put in a jar a few small pieces of any fruit, the gnats will fly on them, after which you will be able to destroy them. But this method helps to catch only the adult insects and absolutely not suitable for the destruction of the nests, so the new population of flies will appear again and again.