To bring fleas in the house, find the hearth of their occurrence. As a rule, a favorite habitat of insects of the data is the kitchen. Trash left on the table jams, plants, spoiled fruits and vegetables can be a reason for the emergence of midges in the apartment.
Clean up in the kitchen. Get rid of spoiled vegetables, fruits and garbage. Carefully inspect the whole area, looking behind the fridge, under tables, in cupboards and a brass plate. The apartment to be perfect cleanliness.
Pay attention to houseplants. Increased soil moisture can cause the formation of midges. To avoid the occurrence of larvae in the colors, reduce watering. Remember: the earth should not be soggy. Treat regularly all the plants, removing the midges. In order to prevent use as decorative stones. Sprinkle them on top of the soil. They will prevent the formation of lice.
If you decided to get rid of gnats in the apartment, prepare them a bait. To do this in a small plastic Cup, pour sweet syrup. Put on top of a plastic bag or plastic wrap. Repeat using a needle a small hole. Package or wrap and secure with a string or rubber band. Gnats, feeling the sweet smell, will definitely make their way into your bait. After that, wash the glass under water or throw it.
Get rid of the midges on the balcony (loggia), installing mosquito nets on the Windows. If that fails, treat this area with a special tool. You can buy it in a specialty store. After that, perform General cleaning on the balcony (loggia).
Gnats in the bathroom you can remove by reducing the humidity in the room. Be sure to clean drain. Repair all possible leaks. Regularly ventilate the bathroom.