If you are going to get rid of gnats in the apartment once and for all, first review the products this type of as potatoes in a bag in the pantry, carrots or onions. Sometimes, what happens is that somewhere on the bottom gets a little moisture and the vegetables are beginning to rot. The result – hundreds of midges at first only in the kitchen, in extremely severe cases – throughout the apartment.
Once the source is found, dispose of all that rotted. Vegetables, preserved integrity, better to "settle" in the fridge or outside if the weather permits (it is best if the balcony will be 4-7 degrees above zero Celsius).
Losing the main feeder, flies will rush in search of food, so try to in the kitchen was never dirty dishes, bread crumbs. Put the bread in the fridge and the bread bin and wash thoroughly. Always close the trash can lid, take out the garbage every day.
Wipe the dishes and water in the sink, as the most persistent flies will drink it and live some more time in your kitchen waiting for the food. Do not worry, gradually their number will decrease and one evening in the kitchen, there will be no midges.
If gnats bred in cereals, alas, the only thing you can do is to throw all quarters, as the insects can lay their eggs and it is clear that such cereals as food is not good.
Remember that it is always better to prevent the appearance of flies in the kitchen than to get rid of them. Watch the cleanliness of the apartment, and the insects will not disturb you!