You will need
  • - potassium permanganate
  • soap
  • - special products created for the treatment of lice
Sort of infected midges flowers from healthy. This will help prevent further infection by the larvae of gnats. However, it is possible to spend preventive processing of all houseplants, because of the possibility that others have already managed to get sick, great. In any case, do not leave diseased plants with healthy, otherwise your efforts are for the treatment will not benefit.
Ensure that the soil in the pot is not too wet. It is the acidification of the soil leads to the breeding of flower flies.
Make a solution of potassium permanganate with water. Pour evenly over the infected soil. So as not to burn the resulting composition of the flower, make sure that the solution was not too strong. The water should be slightly pinkish.
Pour the soil water with dissolved in it a small quantity of soap. A soap composition will help to get rid of gnats without causing appreciable damage to the plant itself.
Across the surface of the earth, where grows a flower, lay cut into thin slices the garlic cloves.
Stick in the ground a few pieces of dried orange peel.
Buy in-store with goods for the care of potted flowers special funds created for the treatment of lice. To avoid damage to chemical means the plant itself, it should be possible to correctly follow the instructions to the drug. When spraying tools use gloves and a mask. After treatment, ventilate the room. Protect from exposure to the hazardous drug to animals and children.
If still failed to get rid of gnats on the flower, using the above methods, replace the infected soil and check it regularly in the future. With a small infection remove the upper soil layer, avoiding the root system and backfill with fresh soil.