You will need
  • Core documents, additional documents, portfolio
In advance when approaching the period of certification collect the basic package of documents. It includes: a copy of the document on education; a copy of previous certification (certification sheet, the conclusion of the expert Commission); a copy of the document on passage of training. If the diploma you have is listed maiden name, you must present a document of name change (marriage certificate).
Contact the Deputy Director of education with the request to write to you a feature representation from the school. Feature must reflect the characteristics of your personality and your achievements, participation in competitions, contests and projects, information about the progress and success of training.
Complete the certification sheet of the established sample on the computer. The main points are: name, date of birth, name of the University and the speciality, topics courses, information about the school where you work, information about work experience in General and in last place in particular. Specify the desired theme of attestation and the age group of students. (These days, it is correct to say "students" not "pupils")
If you have decided to undergo certification for assignment of the first or higher categories, you'll need additional documents. First of all, you should form a portfolio that is a folder that is certified by the employer copies of the certificates your learners for participation in Olympiads and competitions of city, regional and Russian scale, confirming the effectiveness of your method of teaching the subject. The folder should contain copies of documents (letters of appreciation, honorary certificates of the Ministry of education) that reflect your accomplishments. In the folder you want to place a list of your publications in pedagogical journals and on the websites of the teachers, which were published in the last five years.
You will be able to create an analytical document reflecting the success of your teaching. This document is called "information about the state of education over the last three years." In the reference which is best done in a graphics editor, you need to provide figures about the level of training and level of success. Certificate is stamped by the administration.
It is advisable to submit to the attestation Commission of the videos, for example, shooting your open lessons or presentations at scientific conferences, on DVD. This will triple your chances of successful certification.