Start with ripping the old stitched. Do this carefully, taking care not to cut the fabric (carefully perform the operation, if the material is not swept and they can re-use). Then strut the blanket on the long side, remove it from the case insulation (wool batting, wool, synthetic fuzzy fibers), roll into a roll, wrap in paper and put aside.

Now take the case. Turn it inside out, thoroughly clean from bits of wool and dust, wash. If the coating blanket consists of two contrasting color panels, the cover strut from all sides and wash each part separately. Now, dried and ironed the fabric, start working in reverse order: sostrochite case with three sides, and then adjust the heater. To do this, spread it on the floor and see which areas need a tune-up. On wear place put cotton or batting, or gently puff on those areas where the formed nodules, and redistribute the excess wool (wool) in the place where the insulation was thin. Try not to break sizes cotton cover.

When the heater is ready, we'll put the case as wearing a pillowcase on the pillow. Spread the inside of the blanket and astrocyte the last side. It remains to protegat blanket.

If you have a sewing machine with a special foot for prostukivaniya, no problems will arise. You can sew the quilt, and striped and plaid, not rezinovaja it. If such device no need the top of the blanket outline with chalk or finely honed remnant, and wrote on a typewriter in the markup. The markup will have to scribble and if you want to protegat blanket in any complex pattern. The intricate patterns painted on paper, pinned and primetyvajut to the top of the case, indicating the contours of the figure small stitches "forward needle". After removal of the paper quilted along the marked lines.

And what about those who do not have a sewing machine? In this case, this work is done manually. Take the darning needle and vdet in her strong thread tie a big knot. Top-down and pierce through the blanket, pull out the bottom needle and thread and again bring it up almost to the same point. Secure the thread, tying it several times around still a big node, and this node cut. And then quilted all the blanket seam "forward needle".