You will need
  • cotton fabric, polyester batting or thin wadding, needles, thread, matching fabric, sewing machine.
Quilted bedspread consists of three layers. For the top and bottom side, you can use different fabrics. Most importantly, they match in texture and color. The upper part is made of one piece of fabric, or stitch the separate pieces. Check the pre-fade if the fabric and gives it shrinkage, pre-wash it.
If you want to make the upper part of the style pachwork, prepare a patchwork pattern. Sew them first into strips and then sew these strips together. The blocks should be carefully customized for size, otherwise the fabric will start to pucker, then your blanket will turn out rough.
Take the gasket and the bottom part is a little larger than than the upper part. Because when you stitch, they will shrink. As the packing use polyester batting or thin wadding.
Wegrow all three layers of blankets, put them together in this order: first the bottom, then the gasket, then the top. In order that the layers are not shifted when you stitch, make the basting. Find the center of the bedspread and how the middle of the safety pins, and then how many pins the layers of blankets from the middle to the edges.
You can protegat blanket manually, or you can use for this purpose a sewing machine. The machine will turn faster. But in this case you will need to put it on a big table and frame near chairs as the area of the product is quite large and the whip would be rather difficult. Many modern sewing machines have a special presser foot, designed for quilting fabrics. This foot provides simultaneous upper and lower flow of the fabric.
Stitch is made from the middle covers its edges, and the lines run opposite to the smoothing side. After we finish stitch, align the edges of your quilt. To do this, trim them with scissors on the top layer.
And finally, the last stage is processing the edges of the covers. Baste the hem the desired width facing the top side of the veil. Then wrap a border edge, fold it to a larger width and then baste to the bottom of the product. Pristrochite it on the sewing machine. Therefore, treat each edge of the curtain. And that turned out neat corners, fold the fabric at the corners. Your veil is ready!