You will need
  • - Sintepon length and width of the blanket;
  • - Fabric – 2 square blankets + seam;
  • - Tailor's ruler and square;
  • - Sewing machine, needles, thread;
  • - A pair of scissors.
Determine the length and width of your quilt. From a piece of batting take a rectangle of the desired size. You can make a layered quilt – then you will need 2-3 times more padding. If the width of the padding is less than the width of the future of the blankets, take another strip of the desired size and sew to the main piece of the common seam "forward needle". An additional piece, and you can pristroit, but not necessarily. Do the same with all the other layers.
Fold on each other all the pieces of batting, lining up edges. If the edge is trim, but be careful not to cut off the excess. Baste the pieces together on the diagonal seam "forward needle". Stitches can be large. Baste the strip to the quilt edge.
Take a break of a fabric 2 rectangle area equal to the blanket. Don't forget about the seam. Exactly the same as when the shearing of strip, sew together pieces of fabric, if the width of the blanket is greater than the width of the material. Sostrochite pieces, folding them right sides inward.
Fold both of the cloth, right sides together. Sew them on the one hand by length, then by width and again by length, not sewn leaving one short side. Remove the cover and iron. Insert a strip of batting. Pin strip pins, carefully aligning the strip with the side seams of the cover. Fold the inside sections unsewn side and pristrochite, capturing the gasket.
Prostrochite blanket on all side seams, capturing the gasket. Mark the line at a distance of 5-10 cm from all edges and prostrochite it again. Mark a few vertical or horizontal lines and quilted them a quilt. Lines can be slanted, and to make any pattern.