You will need
  • - fluff;
  • cloth;
  • the gauze bag;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - thread.
Prepare the fluff. On the double blanket you will need about 1.5 kg of down, one and a half – just over 1 kg, and a small children's – 0,5 kg Before packing in a blanket Pooh preferably have a good sort out and wash. Separate the fluff from the thick stems if they get caught. Carefully pour in a gauze bag with two additions and wash it in warm soapy water. Well vyprosit a sack of Pooh. Dry down, occasionally shaking and digging, that it is better dealt.
Purchase fabric for pillow (teak) and beautiful material for top of quilt (satin satin). The fabric, which is placed down, must be of good quality and quite thick, to down not out. Take two cover of the required size. Keep in mind that quilted blanket is slightly reduced in size. Stitch both covers bags.
Place the covers one to another, so that the satin on top. On the front side of the outer case, draw with chalk (soap) transverse and longitudinal lines. Along these lines blanket will proschayutsya. The distance between the lines should not be less than 15 cm.
Prostrochite on the machine longitudinal line. You get a bag with a long narrow pockets. Carefully fill the pockets down. Do this, lay the cushion cover on a flat surface (large table, the floor). You can immediately fill all the pockets down and to cover up holes or to fill row by row, smatyvay transverse lines. In any case, control the even distribution of the filler in the squares. To facilitate the work it is possible initially to separate all the fluff in equal number of parties.
Quilted blanket. Once all the fluff will be placed in the case, straighten a blanket, check evenly or lying down. Make sure that the blanket no empty squares. Prostrochite on a typewriter bands. Your feather quilt is ready!