Preparations for Ironing

First of all you need to prepare the place of work, and then they pants. For this you need an Ironing Board. If not, then suitable and conventional table. It should be covered with blankets or sheets, folded in several layers. You will also need a dense fabric through which will need to be ironed formal trousers.

After the workplace is prepared, you need to have pants. Threads sticking out after washing, or traces of powder must be removed. Moisten your palm with water and go pants. This will allow to get rid of white spots.

The technique of Ironing of trousers

The process of smoothing the pants consists of several stages:

- before you start to iron the thing to turn inside out. This is necessary in order to process the iron pockets and lining. After this procedure, you need to turn pants back to front side. Start Ironing from the top part and belt things;
- propadu top, gently flip the pants so that the waistband was at the bottom;
- it is necessary to fold both legs so that the arrows on them were in the same places;
- by placing the pants on the table or the Ironing Board, cover them with a damp cloth;
- iron thing first inside and then outside (of the leg stroke separately);
- the clothes should be ironed until until the cloth is dry.

How to iron pants so that kept the shooter?

To achieve this result, it was invented many ways. In the Ironing of trousers, as in any other business, has its own little tricks.

First, arrow is well kept, you need to iron dress pants through easy cloth dampened with a solution of vinegar and soap. Then must allow things to cool. Then pants again iron iron, but after paper.

Second, before stroking hands, you need to turn the pants wrong side. Then mark the location of the bend soap, having on them the line. You should then return the pants on the front side of the arrow and iron through a damp cloth.

Soap-vinegar solution can be prepared by taking 15 grams of vinegar and 1 litre of soapy water, that should dissolve in a basin or other container.

To obtain a smooth and durable arrows every Ironing need to let things cool down after the first call.

Ironing of pants sometimes takes a lot of time, but if you try and exercise patience, you can get a good result.