Causes and symptoms of diaper rash crotch

Diaper rash is a type of dermatitis, which is accompanied by reddening of the skin, appearance of itching, burning, discomfort, pain.
It should be noted that diaper rash appears not only in infants, but an adult under the influence of certain factors.

What causes their appearance? The most common causes of the inflammatory process on the skin are:
- lack of personal hygiene of the intimate area;
- increased perspiration;
- excess weight;
- poor quality and tight clothing and underwear.

Ways to treat diaper rash in your groin

First of all, should ensure regular hygiene of the perineum lying men. It is advisable to thoroughly clean with special solutions all the folds, do not wear too tight underwear, to give preference to clothes made from natural materials. Preventive procedures will help to avoid unpleasant complications.

If diaper rash has already appeared, must in a short time to get rid of them, as a grown man felt very uncomfortable. The most effective means for treatment of the affected areas of the body are the herbal teas, which soothe irritation, reduce inflammation, destroy harmful bacteria. Typically used for regular wiping of the skin decoctions of oak bark, chamomile, Hypericum, greater celandine.
To prepare a decoction should pour 1 tbsp. of dry grass a glass of water and boil for 30 minutes.

It is also worth noting that since the advent of diaper rash mandatory access of air to the skin. Therefore, often necessary to keep groin area without your clothes on, to speed up the healing process of the affected area of the body. A great additional remedy skin care is a common powder, which is used for the treatment of diaper rash in infants.

Cracking and weeping of the rash is rather a strong basis for specialist advice. Usually a dermatologist after examination of the patient shall appoint a special ointments and creams, which have antiseptic and wound healing properties. The most common diaper rash cream is Bepanthen, which includes Pro-vitamin B5. Its use allows to quickly eliminate the irritation and heal diaper rash without any side effects. Also for quick healing it is advisable to apply creams D-panthenol, or Desitin, which accelerate the regeneration of cells damaged skin.

If not promptly to treat diaper rash, this will lead to the development of complications, the most common being fungal infections, streptococcal infections, inguinal athlete and others.