So, first grasp with both hands behind the grille and pull up. Then lift up the cover of the air conditioner up and pull out the filter by lifting it by the bottom. Next you need to rinse the filter under running warm water. The use of cleaners allowed.
If your air conditioner has started to give bad smell, go to the pharmacy to buy disinfectant solution leaving the filters out to dry. These funds should be made alcohol-based. Although it is not required. Optimal volume – 0,5 l.
Open the lid of unit, remove dust mesh, enable the spraying of the antiseptic solution so that the spray solution was delayed inside the radiator cooler. It'll only take a couple of minutes. Within 10 minutes, the odor should disappear almost completely.
When the filter is dry, insert it in its place. Without a filter to operate air conditioning is highly undesirable, because it protects your lungs and the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. If the heat exchanger is dusty, will significantly drop the efficiency of the unit.
Also don't forget about the state of the outdoor unit. Clogged with dirt, dust and fuzz the heat exchanger of this block becomes the reason of falling of efficiency of air conditioning and increases the load on it. The unit heats up and eventually fails, if we continue to ignore his condition.
If I start to drip water from the indoor unit of your air conditioner, then most likely clogged drainage pipe. Try (if possible) to get to the drain Assembly and carefully blow into the drain pipe from which water dripped. Tube of dirt or something else needs to go outside. Still call a specialist cleaning of the air conditioner, even if the tube is gone. After all this work you are unlikely to themselves be able to do.