The first is to say that the user will need either a laptopwith built-in Wi-Fi adapter, or a desktop computer that has a USB adapter for Wi-Fi. This device coupled with the computer will be the access point Wi-Fi. In fact to create the access point need only these two devices, the rest will perform the software.

Basic settings

All actions required to be carried out at the main computer, ie on that PC that will act as a access point. The first step is to open the start menu and go to "control Panel". In the new window, select "Network connections". Here the user needs to find a shortcut to the connection on "wireless network connection" and click on it right mouse button and from the appearing context menu "Enable". After launch, need to go to Properties of the wireless connection, which is also displayed in this context menu. Then double-click "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)". The settings specify the following information: IP address - subnet mask - On the second computer are: IP address - subnet mask - and default gateway In the box default gateway enter the ip address of the first computer that is connected to the network via cable.

The last steps

After the above settings are saved, again you want to return to the first computer. In the properties of your wireless connection, please open the tab "Wireless networks" and click on the "Add" button. It is here that you will create a wireless Wi-Fi network. In the next window remove the check mark from the Key is provided automatically" and set it to the value "This is a direct connection the computer-computer". In the "network Key" enter the password with which the user will connect to the wireless network (you can invent your own). In the drop-down menu "authentication" select "Shared" and encryption type select WEP. In the tab "Connection", you should put a tick next to "Connect when this network is in range" and save all changes. You need to do all the same manipulations on the second computer, then the user will have the option of browsing the Internet over Wi-Fi.

The same can be repeated on all computers and laptops that need to connect to a wireless network.