You will need
  • PC;
  • router
Connect to the WAN port of the router cable your provider.
Connect the computer to the router with a cable, connecting it to a NIC with a Lan connector of the router.
Connect the router and computer to the mains and switch them.
Configure the router to receive Internet. To do this in the browser, enter the address of the router, for example, and log in by entering username and password. Address of the router, the username and password may be different depending on device manufacturer and they are available from the documentation to the router. Setting produce in accordance with the recommendations of your ISP and the manufacturer of the router. After setting, restart the router. Make sure any connected computer have access to the Internet, going to any website.
Set up a wireless connection on the router in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Connect a second computer to a Wi-Fi network, making sure that its Wi-Fi module is active. To do this, right-click the wireless connection icon in the taskbar and click "Connect". Make sure that the Internet is now available with this computer.