Consider the theme of the event. If you need to write the script of the anniversary or the festive evening, held in honor of a particular person, you need to gather about him as much information as possible. Talk to his family, friends, work colleagues. Find out where the person was born, whom he worked before, where he likes to relax and what music to listen to. Close friends can share a funny story from the past around which to build action. If we are talking about a corporate event, you should familiarize yourself with the job profile of the company, to consider its products. For example, if the firm specializiruetsya on the air, you can put the waiters in the form of flight attendants or stewards, and to discuss with the invited musical group the corresponding subject of the song repertoire.
Write a scenario plan. In it you should list the entire sequence of events at the event, clearly define the start and end time of each action. It is necessary that structure was verified and logical. Count the time so that at each stage the leading was stock in a few minutes in case of unforeseen delays. At the same time, avoid leaving too much extra time to the celebration did not happen "sagged".
Break the entire action into several thematic parts: introduction, main part and conclusion. The initial phase should include important events. Plan the evening so that was late guests were able gradually to gather, and those who came early were not bored. The facilitator may need directly to start the evening, not earlier than 40 minutes after the official time specified in the invitation.
List the details. The text to say master and his assistants, present in the form of a dialogue. If there is communication with the audience, consider the hypothetical public reaction. Part of the program should not be too long, otherwise guests will quickly get bored. Contests and speech is better to alternate with pauses and changes of dishes at the tables.