What is HDMI?

HDMI multimedia interface high-definition. In essence HDMI is a small wire, which you can use to transfer the image to another image output device and to obtain it in high quality (usually HD). With such a cable a person can connect almost any audio-video equipment that supports digital data transmission, and therefore has a special connector for this cable. Today it is the device of transferring the data is very popular and preferable for most of different devices.

The main difference from the other HDMI cables is, of course, its structure and other shape, as well as increased functionality. As for functionality, it is due to the fact that using an HDMI cable, you can transmit multichannel sound. It should be noted that HDMI is compatible with DVI, but the sound won't be transmitted, and this will need another special cable.

HDMI cable consists of an outer shell that protects the wires inside the shielding shell, screen of aluminium foil, which protects the cable from various electromagnetic impact polypropylene shell, and inside are shielded twisted pair category five unshielded twisted pairs, individual conductors for supplying power and various signals.

The speed of information transmission via HDMI cable can reach up to 10.2 GB/sec. For example, a DVI cable, the speed is 3.4 Gbit/sec, so you can say for sure that the HDMI cables will be needed for many years.

Types of HDMI connectors

Today, there are HDMI cables with multiple types of connectors, this 19-pin Type A, which is the most common today, 29-pin Type B - has an extended channel, allowing the person has the option of viewing the images even more than 1080p, but, unfortunately, this kind of cable today, almost is not popular, therefore its purchase is not the sensible choice.

There is another kind of HDMI cable is mini HDMI. Basically a cable with a similar connector is used to transfer the image through a video camera, cameras and other peripherals. In all other respects, except for its size, the mini HDMI is a miniature version of HDMI Type A.