One of the reasons that the mobile phone can be off time, is the power from the battery. For example, to change your SIM card most phones require not just off, but pull the battery. At a certain time of his absence in phone resets various settings including time. In some models the same situation is observed when removing the memory card.Sometimes the contact of the battery with the phone is weakened, for example, this may happen in the fall. In this case also there is a high probability that the time settings will go astray. Another option is the old battery, which loses charge quickly. To help solve the problem of his replacement.Another possible cause reset the phone time is wrong time zone set. To change it, open the phone menu, then "Settings" and select the appropriate option. Note that one of the reasons may also constitute a legislative repeal of transition in Russia to winter time since autumn 2011. In those phones, which were installed to automatically switch between summer and winter times, the transition was made. Disable this setting in the future, it does not cause additional problems. Also, a solution would be a firmware update of the mobile device.If you use a program to sync phone and computer, the reason may lie in the option of time synchronization. To disable, run the program, open its settings, locate the appropriate item and remove a tick opposite it, and then save the changes.Some phone models also provided time synchronization when connecting to the Internet. Disable this option in the phone settings.