In the device Series 40 first click on podarennyh of keys over which the display shows the word "Menu". If it is not displayed on any one of them, press the middle button of the joystick. Find in the structure menu item "date and time". Its location depends on the model of the device, for example: "Settings" - "Options" - "General" - "date and time".
To change the value of any of the input fields, hover over the pointer and then press the middle joystick button. Use the keypad to enter the new value, and then press podarennyh of keys that corresponds to the storage of information (its name depends on your model of phone).
If the "automatic time update" is selected "On", the watch phone will automatically sync with the clock of the base station. Despite the cancellation of transition to winter time, some of these stations are still configured in the old way, so there may be an error for one hour. But the accuracy of the minute will be always very accurate - so much so that periodic adjustment is not required at all.
Phones on the Symbian operating system configure date and time perform the same. The only difference is in the method menu. Podarennyh is one of the keys or middle button of joystick use the private key, which shows a solid circle and a hollow square connected by two arcs.
The method for setting the date and time for all phones on Windows Phone 7, including series Nokia Lumia, unified. First, scroll up to desktop tab, where there is an icon "Settings". He looks like a white cog on a red background. A menu will appear. Select "date+time". Change the desired parameters. To enable or disable automatic synchronization, respectively, select or clear the check box "Set automatically".