Go to menu of your phone calls. Open the shortcut menu will be available where the action is "Reset counters". When selected, will reset all the data about the duration and number of calls, data, Internet traffic and so on.
For some phone models you must enter the phone code. Also from this menu item available settings reset, for example, only for incoming or outgoing calls. Meter Internet traffic can be reset from the menu of Internet connection or the browser you are using a mobile device.
Perform a full reset your phone settings from the control panel. Locate the "Original settings" and confirm enter the phone code (mandatory for each phone). By default, this code may be 00000, 12345 and so on, depending on the model of the mobile device. You can enter an unlimited number of times.
Read more about entry of the phone code by default you can read your user's guide. If it is you changed in the process of operation enter the new password.
If you want to reset all indicators of your phone without the menu, just unplug the battery. It is not available for each device models. The battery should just pull out of your phone in idle mode, a mobile device without turning it off first. Most of the memory is erased the figures for the latest calls and if the phone is still and has long been in the off state without power source, most likely, will reset all the other settings the next time. But all may depend on the model of the mobile device. Indicators can be removed partially can be removed just a list of calls, and can be removed and the meter.