Turn on your phone. In that case, if you just bought it and have never included, and you download a message appears prompting you to enter the current date and time. Using the keyboard to set these values and confirm. Similar actions need to be performed when replacing the SIM card/battery.
Follow the installation date mobile phone of Nokia. To do this go to menu, select "Settings", click "date and time", then select "adjust date and time". Then make the necessary changes in the date and time of the mobile phone. Then click "Save" and exit the menu.
Change the date and time in the smartphone based on Windows Phone. Usually these phones date and time set by the mobile operator. You can set these values manually. Disconnect the phone from PC, then open the desktop, swipe left, go to the app list, then go to menu "Settings". Select "Date+Time". Uncheck the option to "Install automatically", then set the desired values for the time zone, date and time.
Set the time and date on a landline phone. If you have a phone brand Panasonic, follow these steps to enter, for example, 16 hours and 12 minutes 17 December 2011. Lift the handset, then press the three units. After that, type 0116 0212 0317 0511.
Wait until set, then hang up. To reset, use the button combination 1119. To execute the change date and time using a PBX, press Prorgam, then dial 0, enter the year value, for example, 00-11, month, and day (1-20), days of the week and hours and minutes (00-21). If before noon, add 0, in the afternoon – 1. Then click Store and wait for the beep.