In that case, if you have any need to change the date and time locate on the home screen of your smartphone at the bottom on a special button the top bar button in a little box 4*4. On the HTC it is usually located on the left edge. Press it briefly once.
You are in a menu with icons programs. This screen allows you to scroll left and right. Locate other programs the icon of the program "Clock". Its location can be changed according to your wishes. After starting the application you will see a window with access to various features.
Now a short tap to select the item called "World time". Click to access additional menus on the phone. It has a marking in the form of several horizontal lines. Select the line "local time Setting".
Uncheck the item "Auto sync". If you skip this step, manual time setting is not available.
Now you can change the date and time using the carousel menu, and choose the date format and time that is convenient to you.
In addition, after clicking the button, access the list of programs on the main screen you can choose the program Settings.
In the window that appears, select "date and time". In the window that appears make sure to remove the checkmark in "Automatically". You will be able to set or change the date and time.
Click on "Set date" and select in the popup window, date, month and year. Confirm the change by pressing the button "Install".
Select "Set time". After setting the time also confirm your choice.
In addition, you will be able to choose the time zone, 21 or 12-hour time format and multiple date formats.
After making changes return to the main screen by pressing the Home button or multiple by pressing "Back".