Advice 1: How to restore the default settings of the BIOS

BIOS is the basic and primary system settings of the computer. Many important system settings can only be specified by using the BIOS. But the incorrect options in items of this menu may cause the computer will not boot. Or it will refuse to run on the start screen. There are several ways to get everything back to original state and fix bugs in settings.
How to restore the default settings of the BIOS
Turn on the computer and immediately after the appearance on the black screen the logo of the manufacturer of the motherboard hit the Delete button. Alternatively, instead of a logo, you may receive a summary textual information about the computer, for example, the type and model of CPU, amount of RAM and so on. Operate similarly, press Delete a few times.
In some models the input button in the BIOS setup differs, this may be F2, F10 — this is usually written in the lower line of the screen. So watch out for inscriptions on the screen, and follow the manufacturer's instructions. After pressing the correct button on the monitor window appears with the menu bar of the main system settings of the computer.
Press the arrows "up" and "down" or "left and right" to navigate the BIOS. The structure of the paragraphs is different from different manufacturers of motherboards and firmware, so it is impossible to specify the location of the desired menu.
Look for the words similar to Load fail safe defaults or just Default settings. When you find the desired item, press the Enter button to reset the settings to its original position.
Then select menu Save&Exit and press the enter key. Confirm your selection by pressing the button, which displays a computer. After reboot, all settings will be reset to its original position.
For cases where failed automatic protection against incorrect settings, and the computer refuses to enter the BIOS by pressing a button on the keyboard, there is another, more radical way. Open the side panel of the system unit and look round a big battery. Pull it from the slot in the motherboard and leave it for 15 minutes. Then return the battery back into the socket and turn on the computer. Setting returns to the standard condition.

Advice 2: How to restore the standard firmware

The firmware is the firmware that ensures the stable operation of apparatus and perform the underlying functions. Restore it to factory state may be necessary to clean the entire memory and to troubleshoot problems with modified firmware installed on the phone.
How to restore the standard firmware
In case you have not changed the original firmware and just want to return the phone to its original state, you can use code to reset the firmware. When using it, all data on the phone and not part of the firmware will be erased. You can see the code applying to the representative of the manufacturer of your phone. Find his contact information on the official website. Provide the IMEI of your mobile, then enter the code.
If your phone is running modified firmware, and you want to set a standard, you will need to synchronize your mobile with your computer. Use the date cable and a CD with the drivers that are supplied with your phone. If these components are missing, download driver on the official website of the manufacturer of your cell phone. Ensure that they are suited exactly for your model phone. Buy data cable in mobile machinery shop. Install the driver and software, then connect cell to PC. It is necessary to implement the actions in this sequence, otherwise the computer may not recognize your phone.
Download the firmware and install the software for flashing. You can find these components on the fan sites of the manufacturer of your phone. Install only the firmwarethat is marked as a factory. Make sure the phone battery is fully charged. In any case, do not disconnect the phone until the message about successful update. Until the operation is complete do not use the phone or turn off the computer. Try to use only the software which is manual, otherwise it is advisable to contact a specialized service on repair of the cell.
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