You will need
  • The computer with the operating system Windows
Turn on the computer and immediately after that, repeatedly press the Del key. This way you get into the BIOS. In any version of the BIOS there is an item with which you can reset the settings by default. This point is called Load Optimal Defaults. Select it and press Enter. Then will appear a dialog box query save the settings. Click Save And Exit. Then the computer will restart and all settings will be returned to standard.
If the computer does not start at all, or in the startup process errors occur and you have no way to reset the settings of BIOS in a systematic way, follow these steps. Disconnect the computer from the mains. Unscrew the mounting screws on the system cover and remove it. Now carefully examine the motherboard. It should be a round battery.
Locate the battery and remove it from the slot. After the battery is removed, wait for a while before inserting it back. Ten minutes would be sufficient. Then insert the battery back into the slot. Close the cover of the system unit. Turn on the computer. Now all settings of BIOS restored defaults.
Is there another way to reset the BIOS, but it is not supported by all motherboards. Take the manual to your motherboard and see if it has the jumper reset the BIOS. If available, open the cover of the system unit, locate it on the motherboard and switch. Note that the computer must be disconnected from the mains. After the reset, close the system cover, reconnect the computer to the mains and switch on. The settings will be reset.