You will need
  • Computer, a basic knowledge of work with the motherboard.
Often, the failure of the computer occurs when you least expect it. The system reset allows you to restore the stability of your computer. As a rule, more than 50% of failures occur due to the change system settings of the motherboard, the so-called acceleration values. When setting extremely high values for CPU, it starts to heat up. When the temperature reaches the limit state, the user notices the freezes and crashes the system.
To avoid loss of efficiency of the motherboard after the appearance of malfunctions it is necessary to return the BIOS to its default settings. This can be done without opening the system unit. You can turn on the computer or restart it if it was included. When you download the BIOS press the Delete key on the keyboard.
In the opened BIOS menu, find the menu " Load Bios Default, then press F10 (save and exit from BIOS). In the dialog, you will see a request to perform a selected action, press Y. After the computer restarts, BIOS will return to factory settings.
If for some reasons this do not work, you can use other ways, for example, pull out the battery from the motherboard – this will allow you to return to the default settings. For this you may need a screwdriver "+".
Unplug the system unit and turn him to his back side. With otwarci Unscrew a few screws to remove the side cover.
Locate the battery power small size (it looks like a tablet) and hook it with any sharp object. Pulling out the battery, wait a few seconds (not less than 5-7 seconds), then place it back in its place. Left to put the side cover of the system unit on its place and screw in the screws.