Advice 1: A sedative during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not always for the expectant mother a time of peace and happy expectation. Hormonal storms cause anxiety and irritability, situations and events, to pregnancy has not served as a cause to worry, become real shocks. Since stress is harmful not only for the health of the pregnant woman but also for her baby, for the normalization conditions of the nervous system it is sometimes necessary to take special measures.
A sedative during pregnancy

What medication can be taken?

If there are indications (insomnia, increased anxiety, tearfulness), the doctor may recommend sedatives plant-based, typically containing extracts of Valerian, mint, motherwort. While pregnant women should avoid taking herbal extracts because the content of ethanol – usually experts advise to choose the pill or herbal teas. Quick effect from such funds can be expected – almost all the herbs are acting in a cumulative way, they must be taken regularly for two weeks or more.

Most tranquilizers, sleeping pills and antidepressants to use during pregnancy is prohibited. In the presence of strict indications and under the condition that the benefits of treatment exceeds potential risk to the fetus, the doctor may prescribe a drug from the group of funds with the lowest ability to penetrate the placental barrier.

In some cases, increased nervousness pregnant women is associated with deficiencies of b vitamins and magnesium – containing drugs in combination with a special diet relieve stress, relieve mood swings.

In the first trimester of pregnancy the fetus is too vulnerable to external influences, so experts advise to future mothers at this time to avoid taking drugs and select non-drug means to reduce anxiety and improve emotional state.

How to calm down without drugs?

Before turning to pharmaceutical drugs, pregnant women can pay attention to non-drug ways to reduce nervous tension. These include Hiking in the fresh air, psychotherapy, aromatherapy, exercise classes.

Aromatherapy for pregnant women promotes calm, however, requires great caution when choosing essential oils – some of them can cause a contraction of the muscles of the uterus and even lead to premature early labor. Pregnant women are recommended the inhalation of the scents of lavender, mint, lemon. The use of oils of cedar, rosemary, cloves should be avoided.

If possible, you should start to see a psychologist or therapist. In some antenatal clinics are psychoprophylaxis and preparation for childbirth professionals will help you to find the right mood, if necessary, will teach the techniques of autogenic training to help you quickly find emotional balance in a stressful situation.

Well help listening to soothing music or audio books with a positive content, and meditation. As sports can choose swimming, Aqua aerobics or yoga for pregnant.

Advice 2 : What sedative can pregnant

Hormonal changes is one of the main reasons for the increase of anxiety, irritability women during pregnancy. So many expectant mothers in the period of carrying a baby thinking about receiving sedatives. However, for women in an interesting position many medications that help to overcome emotional instability are not suitable.
What sedative can pregnant
Emotional instability is harmful not only for the pregnant woman but also to the fetus. To cope with the mood swings, the expectant mother must consult a doctor and to pick up a sedative. In no case do not try to choose the drugs themselves or based on customer feedback, to predict the body's response to medication is problematic.

Sedative, permitted during pregnancy

During pregnancy should avoid taking all medications, including a sedative. But today in pharmacies can find a lot of herbal medicinal products, which are suitable for expectant mothers.

Most often, the first claim for mood swings, outbursts of anger, increased anxiety and insomnia doctor prescribes to women in an interesting position herbal teas. To drink they should be according to the instructions, you can choose chamomile, lime tea, lemon balm, hawthorn. Also to calm your nerves will help long walks.

If the peace they desire does not occur, can be taken during pregnancy and Valerian in pill form, motherwort. These sedatives are suitable for use from the second trimester. In the first trimester do not want to use a sedative drug, even if they are composed of herbs.

Medicinal sedative for expectant mothers

Relatively safe drugs applies sedative "Novopassit". It incorporates vegetable herbs, but to take this medication after consultation with a gynecologist. Suitable for pregnant women and "the Persians" with Melissa, peppermint, Valerian, which also should not be used for self-treatment. You can drink course and "Glycine".

Often as a sedative for pregnant women prescribe homeopathic remedies. They usually are selected individually and require careful observance of dosage. But sedatives and other powerful drugs to expectant mothers is not recommended.

Safe enough during pregnancy aromatherapy. Soothes lavender, citrus scents. Abstain from these procedures, if you have allergies or respiratory diseases.

For nervousness do not forget about vitamins for pregnant women, in particular, to achieve a favourable frame of mind will help and vitamin B. Observe the correct mode of the day, highlighting to sleep 8-9 hours.
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