If you add too much salt, it is not necessary to dilute it with water in an attempt to save. It can ruin the taste of the dish. Take a small piece of lump sugar, put it in a regular spoon and dip it into the broth. As soon as the sugars begin to melt, remove the spoon from the broth and replace with a piece of lump sugar. This procedure can be repeated several times until the taste is corrected. The porous structure of refined sugar makes it a great absorbent, which easily absorb salt from the broth.
Instead of refined sugar, you can use the breadcrumbs or coarsely chopped raw potatoes. These products you just need to put in the soup and continue to cook. The crackers need to get in a few minutes (and, if necessary, to put in a new one), and the potatoes can be left in the boiling broth for 10-15 minutes, but don't let it get soft after boiling as to pull the broken pieces of overcooked potatoes is not an easy and pleasant task. You can use special cloth bags to avoid this.
By the way, the soup is too salty can be saved by using rice in a fabric bag. It is sufficient to omit the broth and hold it there until cooked meals, rice is wonderful pulls salt from the liquid.
If you have no products listed, but there is honey or lemon, you can add them to the broth to reduce salinity. However, with a very tasty broth this trick may not work.
Oversalt meat can be corrected by using fresh flour sauce, mashed potatoes or sour cream. Salt is mainly distributed in the outer layers of muscle tissue, so unsalted homogeneous additive can be drawn into quite a substantial amount of salt. Salted beef patties can be saved by adding a bit of boiled unsalted rice or grated vegetables.
Fish to save a little tougher than the meat because the salt penetrates all the layers in the fillet or carcass. However, in this situation, fresh sauces will help to neutralize oversalt. If you have too much salt in the defrosted or fresh fish, not having to cook it, just rinse it with cold water. Salted boiled fish you can pour fresh boiling water and let stand for about 5 minutes.
From stews and other stews, the salt can draw out the usual fresh tomatoes. They need to finely chop, then add to the dish and saute for a few minutes.
If vegetables are salted during cooking, the situation will correct, the Bay of fresh water and Povarov a few minutes. But salted raw vegetables, of which you were going to make a salad, you can only "dilute" the other ingredients.