Advice 1: How to steep salted herrings

Rare Russian feast is complete without such a great product as herring, known and loved by many peoples since ancient times. Tender, fatty, salted herring looks delicious on the table and on weekdays and holidays. But this delicacy is possible to buy not always, sometimes it comes across and too salty fish.
How to steep salted herrings
You will need
    • herring - 1 kg;
    • milk - 2 glasses;
    • strong tea - 3 liters;
    • drinking water.
Pour very salty hard herring 3 liters of cold water whose temperature is not higher than 12 degrees. After 3-4 hours drain the water and pour fresh. Depending on the saltiness of the herring this procedure is repeated for 2 days, at specified intervals of time. When soaking the herring becomes softer and loses its excess salinity.
At the end of the soaking water, cover the herring with milk or mixture of milk and water. The liquid should cover the fish. Milk will give it the softness and delicate flavor. In the milk steep and not too salty herring, but without pre-incubation in water. This herring to improve the taste, just hold it in milk for 3-4 hours to neutralize the excess salt.
If herring is not hard, but salty, then soak it in strong brewed tea. Tannins contained in tea will not give herring become too soft and unravel when cut. Keep it in a solution of tea 4 to 8 hours, depending on degree of salinity, tea must cover the fish. Can change the solution once per 8 hours.
If you need to quickly make a meal of herring, then fill it with a little sweetened tea for half an hour for srednesetevoj herring. Prior to this, have it on the fillet, cleared of the skin with scales, entrails and the spine.
To expedite the soaking and softening of the hard of herring, you can use hot water, it Bay herring fillets for a few minutes, then continue to soak it in cold water to desired taste.

Pickled herring is not soaked to the taste and flavor of spices not evaporated.
Useful advice
Large heavily salted herring, for example, the Caspian, before soaking, clean and have filleted. Soak a herring is better with milk.

Herring can be soaked in running water by putting a bowl under the faucet and opening the water so that it flowed in a thin stream into the bowl, not falling directly on herring. Time soaking in this case can be reduced to 4 hours.

Advice 2: How to desalinate salt water

To desalinate water in industrial scale requires a special installation that consumes a lot of energy. In Mangyshlak, for example, for this purpose, the energy of a nuclear power plant. In home and field conditions can get a bit of fresh water with the help of improvised means.
How to desalinate salt water

One of the ways of desalination – distillation, or sublimation. Pour in a pot of salted water and put it on the fire. On the lid of the pan is to collect condensate. However, to obtain in this way a large amount of fresh water is difficult because taking pictures cover a large part of the drops will drain back into the pan.

We could improve this desalination plant. In the lid drill a hole and insert the tube into a coil from the distillery. The other end of the tube down in an empty vessel. For cooling the tube cover with a damp cloth or sprinkle cool water. The steam from hot pots, getting into the chilled coil, condenseries and turns into drops of water. The drops will drain into an empty vessel. Thus, in a heated pan after evaporation remain salt, and the other will gather distilled water.

In marching conditions over the pot with salt water can be set at a slight angle sheet metal so that steam was going on its inner surface, and the condensation drips into an empty container. Build a small fire, otherwise there will be large losses of steam.

Obtained by distillation of poorly water quenches thirst, because it does not contain any salts. To improve the quality, you can add a very small amount of salt water.

Another method of desalination is popular among the Eskimos. When cooling fresh water freezes faster than salt. Thus, it is possible to put on a cold bowl of salt water until it formed ice crystals. Assemble the ice will melt – you will get enough fresh water.

The rice when cooking to absorb the salt. If in salt water, cook a sufficient quantity of this cereal, you can get suitable for drinking rice water. Of course, this is not clean water, but my thirst they can.

Advice 3: What is Epsom salt and where to buy it

What is Epsom salt and why it is needed, few know. However, it is very useful and affordable tool for maintaining the beauty and enhancing human health.
What is Epsom salt and where to buy it

What is Epsom salt

The first Epsom salts from mineral springs the EPSON received a botanist Nehemiah Grew. At its core is magnesium sulfate.

In the production process, the carbon component of magnesium carbonate is replaced by sulfide, resulting in a magnesium sulfate. However, magnesium is actively reacts with carbon and magnesium sulfate displaces the hydrogen sulfide component, re-uniting with carbon.

The thirst of magnesium to carbon and is the main secret of the healing properties of Epsom salts. Magnesium absorbs carbon that is part of the toxins, making harmful wastes soluble and facilitating and speeding up their removal from the body.

The use of Epsom salts

Often Epsom salts used for preparation of medicinal baths. Such baths relieve fatigue, calm the nervous system, relieve muscle tension, reduce arthritis pain, eliminate toxins and exfoliate well the skin.

Prepare a therapeutic bath in the following way: in the bath filled with added 0.5-1 kg of Epsom salts. Then the water should be well mixed to completely dissolve the salt. This bath is best taken at bedtime for 15-20 minutes. Before taking a bath with Epsom salts is recommended to drink a glass of water.

Also baths with Epsom salts is a good way to lose weight. Salt removes from the body toxins, thereby purifying it. However, keep in mind that the toxins excreted a large amount of fluid, so don't forget to drink enough water (1.5 to 2 litres of clean water per day).

Also for therapeutic baths you can prepare a special mixture based on Epsom salt. In a glass bowl pour the salt, add various herbs (lavender, mint, chamomile) or essential oil (to 1 Cup of salt 7-10 drops of oil). The resulting mixture was mixed thoroughly and as needed pour in a bag of natural fabrics (linen, cotton). For the preparation of medicinal baths so the bag needs to hang on the faucet so that the water flows through it.

Very useful wraps belly with Epsom salts. This procedure reduces fat deposits and makes the skin smooth and elastic. To wrap you need to prepare the following mixture: ¼ Cup water add 1 tablespoon of salt and 7-10 drops of peppermint or menthol oil. To moisten in the resulting solution a cotton cloth, gently squeeze and wrap around the belly. Top wrap the bandage wrap (food or the special ones for wraps) and hold for 15-20 minutes. Duration of treatment is 7-10 days.

In addition to medicinal baths in Epsom salts used in medicine, in agriculture (as fertilizer), in the food industry, in particular in conservation. To buy Epsom salt in pharmacies or in specialized stores.
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