You will need
    • herring - 1 kg;
    • milk - 2 glasses;
    • strong tea - 3 liters;
    • drinking water.
Pour very salty hard herring 3 liters of cold water whose temperature is not higher than 12 degrees. After 3-4 hours drain the water and pour fresh. Depending on the saltiness of the herring this procedure is repeated for 2 days, at specified intervals of time. When soaking the herring becomes softer and loses its excess salinity.
At the end of the soaking water, cover the herring with milk or mixture of milk and water. The liquid should cover the fish. Milk will give it the softness and delicate flavor. In the milk steep and not too salty herring, but without pre-incubation in water. This herring to improve the taste, just hold it in milk for 3-4 hours to neutralize the excess salt.
If herring is not hard, but salty, then soak it in strong brewed tea. Tannins contained in tea will not give herring become too soft and unravel when cut. Keep it in a solution of tea 4 to 8 hours, depending on degree of salinity, tea must cover the fish. Can change the solution once per 8 hours.
If you need to quickly make a meal of herring, then fill it with a little sweetened tea for half an hour for srednesetevoj herring. Prior to this, have it on the fillet, cleared of the skin with scales, entrails and the spine.