You will need
    • water;
    • milk;
    • a strong tea.
If you are dealing with a fat carcass with soft pulp, then it can be soaked in freshly brewed black tea. It will give the fish density, due to tanning agents and will also remove the excess salt. Prepare a strong brew of tea, cool and place in a pre-gutted herring, ROE and caviar. Tea can be lightly sweetened, then the taste of the fish better.
Too salty herring, in addition, even with a dryish pulp steep in water, changing it every 3 hours. Depending on the amount of salt it can take up to 2 days. If possible, place the fish under running water for a few hours. To do this, place the gutted herring into the pan, push a load, put it in the sink and let the water run.
Herring strong Ambassador after several hours of soaking in water soak in a little milk. It will become much softer, softer and tastier. But first, cut the fish into pieces or divide into fillets, removing the backbone and head. In milk you can soak not too salty herring without prior exposure to water. Pour over the fish, whole or diluted milk is based on 1 kg of herring 250 ml of liquid. Steep for at least 3 hours.