You will need
  • - an empty capacity;
  • - milk, water or tea brew.
Before you make the fish less salty, it must be rinsed to wash away excess salt from the skin. If it is small, like sardines, you can soak entirely. Large herring cut into pieces, to salt out of fish faster and more evenly.
Pre-prepared fish put in a deep bowl. Take regular milk if you soak the fish in it, it will be more tender and juicy, and pour over the pulp so that the liquid completely covers all the pieces. If milk were not available, you can soak the fish in the leaves of black tea or plain water. Some Housewives used to improve the taste a little salty fish oil.
The dishes along with the fish bowl in the fridge if you leave it to vymachivanija at room temperature, it can simply deteriorate. The time of soaking depends on degree of salinity of the fish. If it is not too salty, just two or three hours. In the case when the taste is too sharp, it is desirable to keep the soaked fish in the refrigerator overnight.
After the indicated time has passed, remove the fish from the liquid in which it was soaked, rinse it under running water. Composition in which the fish was soaked, will absorb the excess salt, then it will be less salty.