Advice 1: How to install a battery disconnect switch

If you fear that your car can catch fire from a short in the wiring or you want to insure against theft – installation of the switch "mass" will be the best solution for you. The principle of operation is full power to the car.
How to install a battery disconnect switch
You will need
  • - switch the "masses";
  • - wire size 35 mm;
  • - crimp connector wire;
  • - sealing band with the "chipping" of the mirror.
  • - a pistol with a hot-melt adhesive;
  • - lead crimp battery terminal.
Remove the negative terminal from the battery. Get rid of old transactions "mass" and cook in the cabin inconspicuous place to switch. Make a hole near the battery, to pull the cable into the vehicle interior. The edges of the hole rust inhibitor to prevent rust on them. Seal the hole with a rubber band to mirror and run through her wires. Fill the hole with hot-melt adhesive and carefully insulate all the wire connections to avoid short circuits. Route the cable to the body to the places you want and make holes for the mounting holes of the switch. Securely mount the switch.
To you continued to work the radio, onboard computer, alarm system, additionally connect the casing with the negative terminal of the battery to bypass the switch "mass", using fine fuse. This voltage is sufficient for operation of the alarm and the radio. When you enable a more powerful voltage or a short in the wire, the fuse will burn.
To provide electricity to the regular alarm sound, Central locking and lights, install an additional relay that will shunt the switch "mass" to the response times of devices. If you do not have sufficient skills to compile a complicated scheme similar to a relay, you should consult an electrician to avoid problems. Also find out whether all the functions will remain with this scheme, because it may not be designed for it.
When you always keep a few spare fuses. As to include the starter and forgetting about the switch, you will burn the fuse.
Useful advice
Lead terminals is well treated with petroleum jelly and to check periodically renewing the lubricant. Due to oxidation of the wires can increase the contact resistance of the current. When attaching wires to use for each connection, two lock washers, for a secure connection.

Advice 2 : How to install ignition on a snowmobile "Buran"

Snowmobile "Buran" - is a reliable and safe vehicle for transportation on snow people and goods. Technical design tools provide easy movement in a forest and good maneuverability. Ease of management, operation and maintenance of the snowmobile largely determined by the simplicity of the device and reliability of the ignition system.
How to install ignition on a snowmobile "Buran"
Use when installing the ignition of a snowmobile, the most common version of his design – five-wire. In this case the connection uses the five insights of the switch, which is a wire with plugs on the ends. In contrast to the switch with six conclusions, this design allows you to exclude one control coil, which greatly simplifies the system.
Mount the electronic circuit elements of the ignition in a separate building, guided by the concept of the device.
The white wire of the switch connect to ground of machine, that is, close to the body. Without proper connection to ground, the switch can not work. If the device six conclusions connect the two white wires together.
The blue wire of the switch through the ignition switch connect to the high voltage transformer. The second output winding of the transformer to ground.
Red and black wires of the switch connect to the charging coil, they perform the function of the input charging voltage. Include in the chain between the findings of the "Stop" button and an emergency ignition switch.
The remaining wire is yellow or (rarely) green. Connect it to the coil control mounted on the basis of the ignition system.
After connection, check the ignition system to work. Crank the engine electric or manual starter, running the flywheel with magnets. This arises from the changing magnetic field created at the terminals of the coil AC voltage. After capacitor discharge, accompanied by the appearance of a spark, the engine starts and begins to work.
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