You will need
  • Software:
  • WinRar;
  • - Total Commander.
To perform the operation of decompressing a large number of archive files you need to use special software, such as WinRar Il file Manager Total Commander, which contains the same archiver. The principle of extraction is the same as in the case of unzipping a single archive to select files and press the appropriate button to retrieve them.
Before the unpack operation, highlight the desired files, i.e. archives. The selection in "Windows Explorer" by using the left mouse button and special auxiliary keys: Ctrl — selective selection, Shift — continuous selection of multiple rows. When pressing Ctrl + A will be a selection of all files in the public folder.
Open the context menu of a selected file by right mouse button. In the transaction list, locate and select "Extract files". You will see a window where you must specify additional options to complete your transaction. In the field "Path to extract", you must specify its value, if the current does not suit you. To do this, in the right field of the file browser, select a folder to save the result. If you want to create a new folder in the current directory, press the corresponding button.
Click "OK" to start unzipping. Some time later, in the specified folder will contain all files from a previously compressed archives. The duration of the operation can last up to several hours (depends on PC performance and the total number of megabytes of information).
In the file Manager Total Commander this can be done in a few clicks. Run the program and in one of the panels, locate the folder where the files are. Highlight them in any way listed above, and click the top menu "File" and then click "Unzip" or Alt + F9.
In the opened window specify the type of files you want to extract, for example, if the folder multiple formats (rar, zip, tz) and need to use only one. Then specify the directory for extracted files, default is open the folder on the opposite panel. The operation of extracting, click "OK" and wait for it to finish.