First you need to learn how to drive backwards. A when this maneuver make a common mistake – they do not look in the rear view mirrors and turn my head back. But in this case it turns out that I see you as though reflected in a mirror. Hence, the chaotic driving operation and obscure maneuvers. Turn your head back have, if you go backwards from a place with limited visibility, for example on the roadway. When Parking in the garage can turn your head back when you into the garage myself to see the distance to the wall. In other cases, all perfectly visible in the side mirror.
One more trouble that awaits those who likes to turn his head around is that you lose control of the front of the car, and she turns and can catch obstacle standing next to the car or the side wall. When leaving the garage got to look forward, to understand at what point to begin to turn the wheel to the car is angled a little, because garages are all narrow.
To check directly to the garage in a confined space you need to put the car angled a little before the extreme wing of the garage. Put her in reverse and start slow motion, focusing on the side mirrors. Let's say you drive to the garage on the left side. At the beginning of the movement you will not see in the mirror right wall of the garage. So you have to watch the left side. It turns out that you're more closer it is to the left side.
When the machine will make a small turnover, the mirror will be seen and the right side. At this point you can stop and assess the distance to both sides. If you go straight, you can continue to spin the wheel and slowly enter the garage. If you see that strongly clung to one of the parties, including the first speed and feed forward a little. The wheel it should spin in the direction that you pressed more, thereby aligning the body of the car.
Work the wheel while maneuvering in reverse is a very important point. Don't need quickly to turn the steering wheel so you can spin and machine will step aside. Follow the tricks: if you are doing the maneuver in reverse from left to right, the wheel start turning to the left. And accordingly, if you are moving from right to left, the steering wheel necessary to turn to the right.