Sore throat is associated directly with any airborne infection. Viral infection move through the air and can infect a person at the slightest droplet contact with them. Even after a friendly handshake with a sick person, if not wash hands and touch your mouth or nose, you can get angina, which causes severe pain in the throat.

When to go to the doctor

A contact regarding the patient's throat to the doctor is not in a hurry. However, if more than five days in intensive self-treatment the pain was not, a visit to the doctor absolutely necessary.

Not waiting five days is to go to the doctor if:
– pain increased significantly in comparison with the initial stage;
– swallowing difficult;
– it is impossible to breathe normally;
– rashes on the skin;
– on the neck are swollen and aching lymph nodes;
– in saliva or sputum is blood;
– you feel fatigued;
– the body is dehydrated;
– crackling voice pronounced or the voice was gone.


Modern medicine knows many ways to relieve sore throat:
– sprays,
– lozenges,
– aerosols
– the solutions.

When severe pain is not always effective. If the pain is caused by angina (i.e., pathogenic streptococci and staphylococci), should apply not candy, and special tools. Not uncontrollably, and for medical prescription. It is antibacterial drugs.

In everyday life to mitigate severe pain you can use:
– potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate known to us) solution to make a 0.1%;
– furatsilin – on a mug rinsing two tablets;
– baking soda – half teaspoon per Cup;
– salt or sea – the same;
– soda solution + iodine + salt.

Folk remedies

Beer. Enough 100 g. Boil, cool, small SIPS to drink. Repeat five times per day. The recipe is for adults only!
Kombucha. Infusion rinse the throat quite often (10 times per day) and long (10 minutes).
Blueberries. Dry fruits in the amount of 100 g pour half a liter of water and boil until the volume is reduced to almost half. Rinsing with an interval of two hours.
Sage. He is a special honor and respect. Traditional medicine considers this plant a cure for diseases of the throat. Prepare the infusion in the proportion of water – a tablespoon of leaves per Cup. Insist half an hour. Rinse every half hour until the pain is reduced.
Herbs also help calendula and chamomile and St. John's wort.