Sore throat: causes

• viral or bacterial infection;

• colds or flu;

• irritation after a stay in a dry place;

• overvoltage of the vocal cords (scream, presentation).

Remedies for a sore throat

Regardless of the reasons, you can apply popular home remedies to alleviate.

1) Suck on hard candy with phenol. It has a moderate analgesic effect, causing numbness of the nerve endings. It kills surface bacteria and gives the body a chance to enhance their protection and resilience.

2) Apply the aerosol. Its effect is the same as candy, but shorter.

3) There are a variety of tablet form containing zinc. They should also disappear.

4) gargling can help to soothe irritated area. It needs to be every hour. Try not to swallow the solution inside. You can use: chamomile tea, diluted lemon juice, warm water with a teaspoon of baking soda and salt. The same tools are used in form of warm compress.

5) Adopt measures for the humidification of the air in the apartment. If you can't use a special apparatus, then at least arrange the room filled with water.

6) In the inhalation for the throat is better to combine steam and disinfectants. Add decoction of eucalyptus leaves, flowers of chamomile or calendula in boiling water. Remove the pan from the heat and covered with a towel, breathe in the healing steam. By the way, this is both a very good moisturizing treatment for the face. Women will appreciate it. The main thing – the maximum carefulness to not burn yourself.

7) If the cause of irritation of the throat - breath through your mouth when cold, remove the nose drops, aerosols.

Severe pain in the throat - a reason to go to the doctor!

Should not neglect such a symptom, like a sore throat. It could be the beginning of serious diseases: tonsillitis, pharyngitis, diphtheria. All of them can cause rheumatic body. You need to seek medical help if:

• pain in the throat severe and prolonged;

• difficulty breathing or opening the mouth;

• accompanied by pain in the ear and joints;

• rash on the skin;

• increased body temperature more than 38 degrees;

• hoarseness lasts more than two weeks;

• blood in saliva or sputum.

In the Arsenal of a doctor has a sufficient number of anti-inflammatory drugs. Do not neglect them.