Causes of pain in the throat

If it was painful to swallow, it is better to consult a doctor. Most often this pain is a consequence of the effects of bacteria and viruses that are actively developing angina. Strep throat may be accompanied by fever and inflammation of the lymph nodes.
Angina, in turn, may have complications, more commonly called a peritonsillar abscess. Pain when this condition is especially acute. The patient may experience weakness, headache, high temperature.

If the pain is small, this may indicate inflammation of the larynx or mucous membranes. If a tickle in my throat and there are unpleasant sensations, it is the most common signs of pharyngitis. Almost always ARD (acute respiratory disease) and ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection accompanied by a sore throat.

It should be remembered that the symptoms for pain in the throat very similar in different diseases, in addition they can be combined with each other. So it is often to correctly determine the cause of pain when swallowing without the help of a doctor is impossible.

Scarlet fever, whooping cough, measles – all of these typical childhood diseases are often accompanied by pain in the upper respiratory tract.

Pain on swallowing caused by a variety of other diseases. It can be:

• Pollution. The respiratory tract can irritate the alcohol, tobacco smoke, General air pollution. Because of this irritation, cough.
• Allergies.
• Infectious diseases. Nasal congestion is almost always accompanied by disease of the throat.
• Dry air. Enough moist air can cause throat irritation and dryness, especially in the morning.
• Growths and tumors on the tongue, the larynx and throat. All of this can make breathing and, as a result, cause a very unpleasant sensation when swallowing.

Pain in the throat when swallowing is better not to treat yourself. Now, of course, in pharmacies you can find a lot of drugs. Self-treatment of sore throat can only hurt, and a slight inflammation may develop into a disease with complications.

The fact that only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, knowing the symptoms. It will determine not only the cause of pain in the throat, but also the form and nature of the disease, the degree of its severity. Your choice of medication can only provide temporary relief without addressing the the cause of the pain. When choosing any drugs, you must also take into account contraindications, which the doctor needs to know.

Sore throat: complications

We often don't pay enough attention to the sore throat and go to the doctor only in the most emergency situations. It should be remembered that complications can be much more dangerous.
SARS or ARI was sick almost any. Sore throat in these diseases can develop into pneumonia in case of insufficient treatment.
After acute respiratory illness many suffer from bronchitis. It can be manifested immediately, but it is also a consequence goes untreated throat.
Even the most mild sore throat can turn into dangerous complications. Especially dangerous is the disease for the heart.