Childbirth that occurred from the first day of the 38th week and the last day of the 42nd week are considered urgent, a pregnancy is full-term. For this reason, doctors try not to stimulate generic activities, if a pregnant perekashivaet, and the estimated delivery date has passed. The child has 2 more weeks to be born on their own.
If the birth occurred in the period from 37 th to 39-th week, pregnancy is considered early term, 39-th and 41-th - at full term, with a 41-to 42-Yu - late-term. Pregnancy after 42 weeks is considered post-Mature and the doctors have resorted to induction of labor.
Children born from 39 to 41 week of pregnancy differ from those born earlier. This is evident already in the hospital. Such children are fully ready for life outside the mother's body, they have large body mass, well developed subcutaneous fat layer. They are less likely to suffer from postnatal complications and their health status in the future raises fewer concerns.
There is a category of women that operative delivery in the 38th week of pregnancy. This is due to various diseases in which natural childbirth is impossible or further continuation of the pregnancy may cause complications in the mother or the child. Women with RH-conflict, serious diseases of the internal organs, and progressive preeclampsia, the risk of placental abruption and a violation of the integrity of membranes.
If the results of the ultrasound found that immediately after birth the child needs surgery, women often operate in the 38th week or the full 38 weeks. This allows you to carry out the operation in daylight and quickly transported the child to the operating room already prepared.
Not always during pregnancy the child is Mature and is considered full-term. There is objective evidence that full-term baby. It's body weight, height, condition of the subcutaneous fat layer, the degree of intensity of reflexes, small closed fontanelles and closed sex slit girls. If a child is born "premature", but delivery was urgent, that is effected, it is wise to talk about developmental delays and about the lack of weight (malnutrition).
Even if the birth occurred at the 40th week, the child may be born with insufficient body weight. The main causes of harmful habits of the mother, chronic fetal hypoxia, oligohydramnios, disorders of placental circulation. If the degree of malnutrition is insignificant, well-developed reflexes, the child is actively breastfeeding and gaining weight, the mother and newborn are discharged from the hospital on the 5th or 7th day. That is, the edge version of the rules. In the future these children are no different from their peers, with proper care all complications can be avoided.
Since the end of 37 weeks pregnant have to be ready to leave. Gathered bag in the hospital, relatives and friends received the last instruction, all urgent cases are completed or suspended. 37 weeks is not recommended to leave the city, and in the case of accommodation in the city - the area where you plan to give birth, because birth can occur at any time.