To determine the date of birth of the child

To determine the exact date the baby is born, no doctor can not, because it depends on many factors. The gynecologist starts counting pregnancy from the first day of your last period. Although in this period of pregnancy has not yet arrived, as ovulation occurs approximately on day 14 of the menstrual cycle. Then I'll need more time for the meeting of egg and sperm, for the introduction of the embryo to the wall of the vagina. Therefore, the duration of pregnancy is calculated approximately. Pregnancy is considered full term if the baby is born between 38 weeks and 42.
Since all processes in a woman's body, have individual character, then one of the women, ovulation may occur on day 10, another 20.

Gynecologists all the time and date is calculated differently. For them, the pregnancy lasts 9 months, used to take, and as many as 10 months. Because it is a lunar calendar consisting of 28 days. That is how much lasts the menstrual cycle the average woman and the ovulation period falls on the 14th day.


The entire period of pregnancy, carrying a child is every woman to be different. It depends on heredity, state of health, fetal development, emotional attitude. Known cases when women gave birth that day to what was planned. It was either holiday, or the date coincide with some remarkable event.

38 to 42 week of pregnancy it is necessary to abandon the work because any movement requires great effort, pulls the lower abdomen, feet get tired, does not leave a feeling of heaviness and helplessness. You may also experience false labor. This time should be devoted to the preparation for childbirth. You need to set yourself physically and psychologically. The woman in the last stages so tired that he wants to take the baby in his arms. In last weeks baby gains the final height and weight. These figures will depend on the genetics of the parents.
For the last weeks of pregnancy, the baby occupies the whole uterus, not tossing and turning, and kicking, eliminating the fluff on the body, in the intestine accumulates the primary cal - meconium.

A full-term baby is usually born with a weight of 2700-3500 g, and the growth of 50-53 cm, his skin will be bright, as it had time to accumulate a sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat. Every day for the last month of pregnancy the baby gains weight up to 30 grams. The boys are already clearly marked testicles, and the girls formed the labia majora, cover a small.