Due to the increased popularity of growing ferrets as Pets, many are wondering – do I need to sterilize/castrate these animals, or to allow natural processes to occur without intervention. Experts advise to carry out this procedure mandatory (if not planned dilution), in order to avoid problems with the health of the animal.

Why is it necessary to castrate a male ferret

Seven or eight months of age, usually in the spring, the male begins the mating period, which can last up to ten months. The thing is that the ferret is not enough of one and even two females: you may have four and five. While the instinct is not satisfied, the rut will continue. At this time the animal smells very bad, is starting to mark territory with feces and urine, behaving restless and even aggressive. Need a friend for the animal in the weeks overshadows everything, and if nature does not receive his own, the ferret is likely to begin the development of various diseases from baldness to problems with the adrenal glands and cancer. In addition, during the protracted rutting animal practically not playing, not caring for hair, loses weight and can ruin the teeth of the bars of the cage or escape from owners.

Neutering a ferret is a simple surgery performed under General anesthesia. Complications occur very rarely, and benefit the health of the pet, this procedure brings a lot. Contrary to popular belief, the animal becomes after it is lazy and fat. In contrast, a castrated polecat is more playful and friendly. The transaction should be done before the first mating season or at the beginning, but only after the animal turns six months.

Why do spayed female ferret

Estrus for females polecat even more dangerous than the rut for males. From this state, in the absence of mating animal of their own can not go, which causes irreversible physiological disorders and even death. If untreated, prolonged estrus is characterized by lethargy pet, thinness, baldness. The only option is castration. The term "sterilization" for females ferrets is not quite appropriate since it is the procedure of tubal ligation, and the Hori in order to avoid re-heat, remove the ovaries. In some cases we have also removed the uterus. The ideal age for the surgery is 6-8 months.

In order to preserve the health of the ferrets not intended for breeding should be castrated in time and males and females.