Farmers with experience say that if the ferret climbed once in the coop, he will not rest until they destroy all feathered, "cluck" of the livestock. Perhaps the farmers are right, because this predator chickens really are very easy, and very nutritious prey. And be especially wary of attack ferret should be at the cold time of the year when other prey for the animal not so much.

However, there are ways through which you can get rid of the annoying "killer", plus they are very humane. In the end, why shoot such a beautiful animal, if you can provide him the chance to leave while the going's good?

Strengthening of coop, building traps

In order to save the predator from get to close to the chicken tribe, care should be taken to strengthen the coop. Given that the ferret can easily dig a tunnel even under the most solid wall (the animal does not cost anything to make a tunnel to a depth of 20-30 centimeters), you need to take care of the construction of additional barriers.

This obstacle could be, for example, another mesh wall (if the coop is made with mesh, the lower edge of which shall be buried in the ground 50-60 cm and is securely cemented. Ferret can get into the chicken coop and through the ceiling, so this caveat must be taken into account.

In order to catch the wily predator, it is possible to build a trap. It's pretty simple to make – just take a bucket or a large box to put under her focus, having attached to it a piece of meat. Ferret pulls the bait and the trap shuts. At first glance this method of capture of the predator is very simple and effective, but the point is you have to deal with a very smart and clever beast, and in order not to give him the opportunity to escape, you need to instantly react. The trap must be removed far beyond agriculture and to release the animal into the wild.

If the focus trap is not passed

There is also a less humane way to catch a predator and we are talking about the trap. In order to cause the animal the least possible harm (if other methods were not effective), you need to use a hunting trap No. 1. Before installing the trap, you should boil it in the spruce needles is done in order to drown out human scent which may deter the animal.

If the use of the trap seems to be too cruel way, you can try to ward off a predator, smearing the walls of the barn with tar. It's the old "antiquated" method, which, however, are not always effective.

A good alternative to all the above methods of getting rid of the ferret may be a special device – the lantern-repeller. This device is set at night near the chicken coop and, through a built-in motion sensor emits light and sound deterrent signals.